Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chapter two: Embarkment.

We had moved into a trailer park for six months for the sake of having cheaper rent. With our lease ending in May of 2016 we decided now was the time. We quit our jobs and pretty much threw away anything that wouldn't fit into the Subaru Forester. Yes, i bought a forester to live in for a few months. Leaving Greensburg Pennsylvania we headed to West Virginia to visit with Liz's mom before setting off on our own. Boots, our beagle border collie, was just as excited to get out on the road as we were. It actually felt really good to get rid of all of our "stuff". I feel like collecting things is something working people do to justify going to work everyday. Its easy to tell yourself, "this is what i work for". Whether its a big house, or a fancy truck you can't take it with you when you die. It may temporarily fill the void in your life, but it won't last forever. The memories that i will make on this trip will, however, stay with me for life. With the weight of material objects off my shoulders, and the car loaded with all the necessary supplies, we headed to West Virginia.

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