Monday, January 9, 2017

Chapter four: Burlington Bound.

Liz's younger sister Bridget was staying in a dorm room in Burlington Vermont for the summer. With our newly acquired freedom we decided now was a good time to visit. We left West Virginia at 6:30am and headed to Vermont. The drive itself was amazing, we drove through parts of Pennsylvania that i had never been. Driving through New York, however, was definitely the high light  of this journey. We drove through parts of the Adirondack park, the land scape was incredible. We even spotted a baby moose along the way. Growing up in Pittsburgh, the city of bridges, i never would have anticipated running into a ferry. We decided to drive around Lake Champlain instead to save money and avoid a search of our car. After fourteen hours of driving we finally pulled in to Burlington Vermont. By this time we only had enough energy left for drinks and some visitation with Bridget and her roommates. The next day we were pleased to see the clouds and rain clear up and were amazed with Vermont's beauty. We took a hike to one of the many overlooks in the area and were nothing short of impressed. That night we decided to hit the town. Church street was bursting with people and art. Unfortunately we had just missed Bernie Sanders as he walked the streets snap chatting and taking pics with people as he so often does. We did, however, get a dandy little pic of us in front of his office. The next afternoon we decided to go rock climbing at one of the local gyms. There we met some locals who invited us to lunch. The bar offered dollar drafts until the keg was kicked and then dollar pizza until it was all gone. From there we went to each bar that offered dollar beers for an hour or so making our way to the end of church street. By this time the sounds of live music had drawn us in. The bar tender heard that we were traveling and bought us gravy fries, a true delicacy to anyone that had been eating canned soup out of a car. That night the streets came to life with other travelers and buskers. Music was to be found on every corner, even on a week night. We met an interesting couple that was also living out of their car and traveling. The last day in Burlington we hung out down by lake champlain and watched the sunset. I absolutely loved this place and hope to revisit soon.

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