Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chapter One: Funding my adventure.

I had recently purchased my own tri-axle dump truck with the intentions of becoming an owner operator. It was a great way to make money and work for myself, however, my resources dried up very quickly. The man that my mother had married was an owner operator himself and was showing me the ropes. Before i was up and running their marriage fell through, as did my plans. I no longer had a place to keep my truck, or a truck for that matter seeing that it was in his business's name. In the heat of the moment i called a quarry that just so happened to need a driver. I bluffed my experience and was hired on the spot. I had never actually drove a loaded dump truck before. Monday morning, sometime in June of 2016 at 5:30am, i found my self sitting in a loaded truck weighing 73,280 lbs on the scale. I also had found why the position was so available as i creeped to the 14% grade and wound down the hair pin turns. "Jake Brakes" gurgling in the morning silence as if to greet the new work day. I would do this every weekday morning for over three months. Leaving my house at 4:30am and getting home, if i was lucky, at 7:30pm. The money was good, but the commute and long hours were killing me. Physically i can handle almost any work, but this was killing my creative spirit. I quickly found a job with a construction company that was closer to home, about a half hour commute. The hours weren't much better but i had to do what i had to do. I need the money to get out of debt from my little business venture and also to fund my up coming adventure. My new boss Nick was no easy going man, however. The driver before me had quit due to chest pains and heart problems brought on by the stress of this job. My responsibilities were to drive and operate a roll off truck. Picking up, delivering, and emptying loaded dumpsters at demolition site. I would also load the tri-axle dump truck with dirt and deliver it to the job sites after the houses were gone to fill in the old foundations. This was some of the hardest work i have ever done physically and mentally. Every morning during the Pennsylvania winter i would be at the shop at 6:00am getting the trucks to thaw and start. Filling tires with air, checking fluids, and fixing whatever needed to be fixed to pass any potential DOT stops during the day. The "Department Of Transportation" are the police that monitor commercial trucks with very, very strict guidelines. As with any construction or truck driving job i was lucky to be home for dinner at 7:00pm. I would do this for a little over ten months. I learned a lot from this working experience. I also earned enough to be debt free, well, debt free enough to travel. I was fed up with just working to live and decided to leave. I was, Leaving Society Behind.

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  1. Interesting read man, way to bring it all back around at the end. See you sooner than later. - Beni-Hana